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Pharmacy services

Pharmacy services

The Pharmacies in Norway provides some health-care services. From 2016 patients have received guidance on their inhalation technique. In 2018 Norwegian pharmacies startet up the new Medicine service for heart patients. In 2020 Norwegian pharmacies got the right to prescribe influenza vaccines. 

Influenza vaccines

On September the 2nd, the Norwegian ministry of health gave pharmacists the right to prescribe influenza vaccines. Now pharmacies can both prescribe and administer the vaccine. Vaccination of seasonal flu in Norwegian pharmacies has developed from a pilot project in 2017 to a national service in 2020. Last season about 39 000 got the flu vaccine in Norwegian pharmacies. 

New Medicine Service

In December 2017, the Norwegian Parliament approved the introduction of a pilot project with New Medicine Service (Medisinstart) in pharmacies. At the same time, they granted NOK 4 million over the national budget. This means that 9,000 heart patients can receive the service for free in Norwegian pharmacies in 2018. «Medisinstart» is a new pharmacy service intended for patients with cardiovascular diseases starting up with a new medicine.  The service consists of two follow-up consultations with a pharmacist. The first at 1-2 weeks and the second at 3-5 weeks after start of the new medicine.

The service is based on research showing that problems with newly prescribed medicines appear and that a significant portion of patients quickly becomes non-adherent.

In 2019 the pharmacies had over 10 000 follow-up consultations.

Checking inhaler technique

This service was officially launched in 2016 by the Minister of Health. In 2019 the pharmacies had more than 74 000 inhaler technique instructional services have been completed. The pharmacies report that 7 out of 10 patients who received the service were not correctly administering their inhaled medicines and hence their technique was corrected. 

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