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14. may 2020

Expecting more flu vaccination in Norwegian pharmacies

The Norwegian authorities will soon open for pharmacists to dispense flu vaccines on their own without a doctor's prescription. The necessary regulatory measures are taken these days. Conditions will then also be in place to mobilize thousands of pharmacy employees once the Covid-19 vaccine arrives. 

- In order to increase the proportion of the population who are vaccinated in accordance with the authorities' recommendation, it is important that customers have easier access to vaccination through pharmacies, says Per Kristian Faksvåg, Director of Pharmaceutical Affairs in the Norwegian Pharmacy Association. The Association has during the spring been in a very positive dialog with the health authorities to open for pharmacists to dispense flu vaccines. 

Last season the Norwegian pharmacies vaccinated 39,000 people against flu, but at that time the customers first had to get a prescription for the vaccine from a doctor. As the vaccine can be dispensed by a pharmacist, the likeliness for taking the flu vaccine in a pharmacy will be significantly higher. 

- When we get a Covid-19 vaccine, it will be important to vaccinate people as quickly as possible. Norwegian pharmacies can be ready to contribute to this work as soon as the vaccine is available, says Faksvåg.


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