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2. september 2020

Norwegian pharmacists can prescribe influenza vaccine

On September the 2nd, the Norwegian ministry of health gave pharmacists the right to prescribe influenza vaccines. This fall pharmacies can both prescribe and administer the vaccination.

Vaccination of seasonal flu in Norwegian pharmacies has developed from a pilot project in 2017 to a national service in 2020. Last season approx. 39 000 flu vaccines were given in Norwegian pharmacies. 

- Giving pharmacist the right to prescribe flu vaccines will be an important contribution to increase the vaccination coverage in Norway, says Per T. Lund, CEO in the Norwegian Pharmacy Association.

The new regulation is as follows (our translation):
Pharmacists working in pharmacies can order seasonal flu vaccines to be administered in the pharmacy. The right of prescription also includes medicines that are necessary for the administration of the vaccine. Pharmacy owners do not have the right to prescribe. The Norwegian Directorate of Health may issue further guidelines for medicinal products which may be ordered in accordance with this subsection.

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