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Norwegian Pharmacy Association

The association was founded in 1881 to protect the interests of pharmacies, and to deal with the authorities and other industries on behalf of the members.

Today, the Norwegian Pharmacy Association focus on the professional development of pharmacies, the legislative and economic framework set by the Government, and the development of technology and e-health services. All Norwegian pharmacies are members of the association.

► Watch a film about Norwegian pharmacies and the Norwegian Pharmacy Association (YouTube, 2 minutes)

8th of April 2024

Updated facts and figures from the Norwegian pharmacy sector 
The document is updated with key figures from 2023. This includes an explanation of pharmacy ownership in Norway, pharmaceutical financing, total turnover, an overview of the 10 most used pharmaceuticals in 2023 and a brief introduction to the health-care services Norwegian pharmacies provide. Read more (pdf)

The Board

The board consists of representatives from independent pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and the pharmacy chains Apotek 1, Boots apotek and Vitus apotek.

Management Team

Per T. Lund, Chief executive officer, per.lund@apotek.no
Hanne Andresen, Director of Pharmaceutical Affairs, hanne.andresen@apotek.no 
Thor-Arne Englund, Director of Economic Policy & Government Relations, thor-arne.englund@apotek.no
Anne-Lise Härter, Director of eHealth, anne-lise.harter@apotek.no
Jostein Soldal, Head of Communications, jostein.soldal@apotek.no


The Norwegian Pharmacy Association including the organization AS Apotekernes Hus has 37 employees. The association’s employees are skilled in pharmacy, economy, IT and PR.


The Norwegian Pharmacy Association’s main aims are to ensure that pharmacies have:

  • as good and predictable a regulatory framework as possible
  • as strong a position and framework as possible for competing with other sales channels within the product and service areas in which the pharmacies have, or wish to have, a commercial interest
  • best possible political awareness and acceptance.

As a secondary purpose, the Norwegian Pharmacy Association performs tasks and carries out functions on behalf of the trade as and when the organisation’s members consider this appropriate. Such tasks and functions cannot be within areas defined by the members as competitive arenas.

As part of its secondary purpose, the Norwegian Pharmacy Association currently runs Farmalogg AS (the Norwegian Article Number Registry - VareWeb), and Serviceproduksjon AS.




In 2023 there were about 5 550 000 million people in Norway. On average, there were 5,200 inhabitants per pharmacy.

(Updated 2. May 2024)

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